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HPV connected to throat and mouth cancers now

As if having HPV connected to warts, genital warts and cervical cancer wasn’t enough. There is some new research from the Ohio State University that states that HPV is now connected to some oral cancers of the head and heck. No one completely understands this yet. This is yet another reason why defenders of the […]

The connection between hpv and oral cancer

There is a significant rise in oral cancer, even at a time when smoking has decreased. Could this be a connection between hpv and oral cancer? A resounding yes it is. The numbers of oral cancers linked to sexually transmitted human papilloma virus have risen sharply over the past decade. And this virus now accounts […]

HPV vaccines for boys as well

It seems unanimous by the CDC, federal advisory panel, and state officials. Girls aren’t the only ones who should be vaccinated for HPV in there years of 12-26. Boys need to be the shot as well. And it goes back to prevention. Some people argued that girls are the ones at greater risk because they […]

Warts Info and Treatment

The governor of Texas can’t get his mind straight about who’s side he’s on with the HPV vaccine Gardisil. That’s who Rick Perry is. He also ran as presidential candidate against Barack Obama. In 2007, Perry decided that the newly released vaccine Gardisil should be ordered to young girls to prevent against HPV and cervical […]