Best Treatments For Genital Warts

Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. It is a sexually transmitted disease that both men and women can get. Tea Tree Oil might help with wartsMost women who are infected are found to have no symptoms and can still spread the genital warts to their sexual partner.

In women genital warts are on the outside and inside of the vagina, while genital warts generally show up on the tip of the penis. They are very contagious and can even be spread to the anus and in very rare and special occasions even the mouth. However, all types can be taken care of from home remedies and medicines given by your doctor.

If you notice you have warts or your doctor says you have genital warts but it’s to an advanced stage you can try home remedies to heal a get rid of your genital warts.

One of them consisted of using antibacterial soap to clean the area. And a clean the area with hydrogen peroxide, and then put apple cider vinegar on the infected area. Though, many people warn it will burn. Repeat this process and keep gently scrubbing with a clean wash clothe and eventually the warts will come off. When they do, repeat the process just in case.

Use tea tree oil to clean the area before applying either apple cider vinegar or a banana peel to the area. Mind you, tea tree oil is not for external use, so avoid putting it inside your body. And eat lots of garlic and take an aloe pill.

Some people also say that freeze away wart medicine and regular wart gel you can buy at the store will get rid of the wart. They also warned that it came back, but after using the application a few times even when they came back they finally got rid of the genital warts.

There are also more that include a few applications of multiple home products. One person claims applying bleach two to three times a day will help get rid of the wart. Though, bleach can be harmful to your skin and your health.

Another claims that putting garlic over the infected area with caster oil will help the area clear up. Also caster oil and baking soda is used, however the baking soda may cause other problems.

If you have a more advanced type of genital warts, going to the doctor is very important. They will give you a treatment scientifically proven to get rid of them. There are three types of medicine doctors given for genital warts; they are Wartrol, Condylox, and trichloroacetic acid.

Each medicine helps you get rid of the genital warts either by yourself or by burning them off. Just note that these medications have been said to itch or burn when using the medication.

Many people get genital warts; it’s embarrassing, and uncomfortable. But luckily for us, there are many home remedies that can be used to help get rid of genital warts. And if home remedies don’t work you can always go to the doctor’s office to receive a treatment they think is best. There is no reason to suffer anymore.

Before starting any home remedies or taking any medication it is best to seek medical advice before doing so.

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