When Wartrol Doesn’t Work

While they may focus on children and young adults, just about anyone is a possible candidate for warts. The skin defect is caused by HPV- the Human

Genital Warts Wartrol Treatment

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Papilloma Virus, which resides in your DNA. While there’s no getting rid of the virus for good, there are ways to rid you of the unsightly growths that it causes. The first question to ask, though, is what exactly warts are. The answer is surprisingly simple. Warts are an outgrowth of infected, but otherwise normal skin on the top layer of your skin. The wart may be harder than the rest of your skin, but does not contain anything dangerous but the virus.

What is probably the most popular method is treating the wart with salicylic acid. This is a cheap chemical that can be purchased over the counter at nearly any pharmacy and is strong enough to soften the skin that the wart is made of. Simply apply something like petroleum jelly around the surrounding skin, apply the acid, and rub away the softened excess skin after letting the acid set. The best time to do this is before you sleep, so that the acid has more time to set while your immune system is at its strongest. After a few rounds of that, you shouldn’t have any more problems with that particular wart. You can even apply it in a less severe form for longer as a patch.

Unfortunately, warts aren’t always as simple as that. If you have particularly aggressive or difficult to reach warts- such as warts in small, concentrated groups or warts located under nails or around your genitals, Wartrol probably wouldn’t be the best choice. In these cases, it’s usually a good idea to see your doctor about getting the wart, or warts, removed.

Once a doctor takes a look at your wart, the method for removal can vary. One possibility is that the doctor will give you a prescription ointment or cream that should remove the wart. If the doctor decides that the wart is too severe for passive treatment, they may apply a stronger chemical to the wart themselves. Sometimes, cryotherapy- killing the wart with liquid nitrogen- can be used. In rare cases, the doctor may even simply surgically cut away the wart.

Of course, if you’d like to avoid having to go through such severe treatments, remember that early treatment is the key. Catching and removing a wart quickly can keep your problems far more subdued than if you’d decided to leave it be.

However, you can’t cure warts by just removing them. There are many factors that attribute towards how likely you are to get a wart, and they’re all focused on one thing- how good is your body at fighting the HPV? If you have issues with warts, less stress, more exercise, and a healthier diet may be good goals to strive for. If you would like to prevent warts and other diseases, you might also want to strive for those things as well.

Real ways to stop warts with kids

Some people have been hand over foot over what to do over your children’s warts. Let’s try to do more then skin the surface when it comes to this topic. Warts are caused by certain strains by HPV. This does not mean the sexually transmitted kind. These are strains when kids are in close contact with each other. Sharing a towel could pass it. And it could also be shared by being to close to a child when one has an open wound and the other kid has a wart. There is good news, however. Is that warts are not dangerous. These tend to go away over a period of days, months, and sometimes even years. But if you’d like to do something about these growths to get results even sooner, of course there are several options.


You might try a solution that you can paint onto the wart like Wartrol. It contains a mild dilution of acid that slowly but surely removes the dead cells on the top of the warts and allows it to be removed over time. Another treatment that’s a little controversial, but perfectly safe, is duct tape. Yes, the standard kind of duct tapes.  What you can do is to wrap it up completely for 24 hours a day for 6 days a week. You open it up on the 7th day of the week and do this for about six weeks. There are studies that suggest that this causes a mild inflammatory reaction and brings cells into the wart that will destroy it to make it disappear.


Now if this doesn’t work, you may want to look still into other options. Talk to your child’s doctor. They might try some various prescription medications. They may also want to try to freeze the wart. And in rare circumstances, they might want to try out the laser therapy.


While we can’t every completely remove the risk of getting a wart, they should be protected well with lots of soap and water. This is especially true when they encounter a scrape or cut. Also, they should have protective footwear when they are in locker rooms or public showers. This will help create a barrier and prevent warts from getting on there foot.


We hope that these tips will be re-warting (or maybe rewarding) when it comes to tips on protecting your kids. And remember; always put your kids first!

Preventive measures and treatments for viral warts

So what does cause these skin warts? For starters, what these are include a viral infection that has penetrated through the skin. They can also be due to infection of mucous membranes. The virus, which causes the formation of warts is called papilloma virus, but it is the common name for this group of viruses, in fact there are more than sixty of these pathogens. Prevention and treatment of viral warts should be carried out comprehensively and rely on well-known rules of personal hygiene of a person.

Viral warts can occur in people of any age, but most often occur in adolescents. Sometimes they are called – “youthful warts.” Warts can form nodules on the body of the unit, and sometimes – a few tens of warts, merge to form large affected area.

Most often warts disappear after some time, for two years, as suddenly as they appeared. There is a so-called self-healing. But there are cases where the viral warts stay for a long time, they cause other problems on the skin, sore and bleed.

Papilloma virus, once penetrated into the body, lives in the nerve fiber is accompanied by human rights and almost all my life. There are times when the warts disappeared from the skin after a while, as a result of stress or nervous shock appears in person again.

Papilloma virus getting into the neural pathways of man may live long in the body and not to bring harm. Then, as a result of stress or changing the internal environment of an organism activates a virus – there are warts on the skin. Adolescence is the age at which most often occur warts, known for its stress, alteration of many body systems and changes in hormonal levels. These changes lead to the fact that children – young people are most often caused warts.
Papilloma virus can be transmitted from patient to another person through objects or shaking hands. By risk group of people who have warts may appear are people with excessive sweating, or people whose work is connected with the formation of micro traumas to the skin: agricultural workers, laundresses, cleaners, etc.

In addition, plantar warts occur most often in people who wear closed shoes made of rubber or synthetic leather, because heat and moisture – the ideal environment for this viral infection.

Analyzing the above, we can identify the main points of the prevention of viral warts.

Preventive measures against viral warts.

1) Strict compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. After visiting public places to wash hands with soap and water.

2) In case of skin wounds and cuts to handle them with iodine or green paint.

3) When working with cleaning agents to the skin damaging factors to use gloves.

4) Wear shoes made of leather or cloth, to avoid wearing synthetic shoes, especially for children and adolescents.

5) Normalize the food, eat food rich in vitamins. Avoid stress, organize your life.

6) In case of contact with someone who already has warts, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene – wash hands frequently with soap and water, to limit the use of common objects.

Treatment of viral warts.

In most cases, after a couple of years after the infection of human warts disappear on there own. But in some cases, self-healing does not occur, and need medical help to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

If the viral warts are located in places where they are constantly exposed to mechanical abrasion, irritated, sore and bleed (on the feet, the folds of the fingers, around nails), shows how to remove warts with cry therapy – freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen chamber, or dry ice. Chemotherapy involves the burning of warts applying special chemicals. Laser therapy is used for burning the warts with a laser beam.

The required method of treatment is always defines a dermatologist, depending on the location of the warts and the general condition of the body. Sometimes, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive drug treatment to prevent infection of the skin, eczema, improve immunity.

In no case should you consider to apply such home treatments for viral warts such as lubrication vinegar or burning knot with match heads – these tools can cause severe burns and damage to healthy skin with the formation of ugly scars on her in the future.

After consulting with a dermatologist for the treatment prescribed by your doctor, you can use traditional medicine to remove warts and itching around the reduction in nodule.

Best Treatments For Genital Warts

Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. It is a sexually transmitted disease that both men and women can get. Tea Tree Oil might help with wartsMost women who are infected are found to have no symptoms and can still spread the genital warts to their sexual partner.

In women genital warts are on the outside and inside of the vagina, while genital warts generally show up on the tip of the penis. They are very contagious and can even be spread to the anus and in very rare and special occasions even the mouth. However, all types can be taken care of from home remedies and medicines given by your doctor.

If you notice you have warts or your doctor says you have genital warts but it’s to an advanced stage you can try home remedies to heal a get rid of your genital warts.

One of them consisted of using antibacterial soap to clean the area. And a clean the area with hydrogen peroxide, and then put apple cider vinegar on the infected area. Though, many people warn it will burn. Repeat this process and keep gently scrubbing with a clean wash clothe and eventually the warts will come off. When they do, repeat the process just in case.

Use tea tree oil to clean the area before applying either apple cider vinegar or a banana peel to the area. Mind you, tea tree oil is not for external use, so avoid putting it inside your body. And eat lots of garlic and take an aloe pill.

Some people also say that freeze away wart medicine and regular wart gel you can buy at the store will get rid of the wart. They also warned that it came back, but after using the application a few times even when they came back they finally got rid of the genital warts.

There are also more that include a few applications of multiple home products. One person claims applying bleach two to three times a day will help get rid of the wart. Though, bleach can be harmful to your skin and your health.

Another claims that putting garlic over the infected area with caster oil will help the area clear up. Also caster oil and baking soda is used, however the baking soda may cause other problems.

If you have a more advanced type of genital warts, going to the doctor is very important. They will give you a treatment scientifically proven to get rid of them. There are three types of medicine doctors given for genital warts; they are Wartrol, Condylox, and trichloroacetic acid.

Each medicine helps you get rid of the genital warts either by yourself or by burning them off. Just note that these medications have been said to itch or burn when using the medication.

Many people get genital warts; it’s embarrassing, and uncomfortable. But luckily for us, there are many home remedies that can be used to help get rid of genital warts. And if home remedies don’t work you can always go to the doctor’s office to receive a treatment they think is best. There is no reason to suffer anymore.

Before starting any home remedies or taking any medication it is best to seek medical advice before doing so.

The lowdown of electronic wart removers

Their are some health conditions that although not life threatening cause discomfort and are not pleasing to live with. Warts are infections that occur on human body especially on the skin. They do not necessarily pose a danger to the victim but are unsightly and pesky. There are several methods that are used to treat them depending on where they are and the extent of their growth. The electronic wart remover is one of the devices that are being used successfully to eliminate this menace.
It is an electronic gadget that sends electric waves to cells, which destroys the wart by breaking down the wart cells. This it can achieve within a span of three minutes. It is easy to use as a victim can personally remove the mole if it is located on an easily accessible area. What one requires doing is to make the wart wet using some warm water. This can be applied using a piece of cotton. It is important to avoid spreading the water to the areas that are not affected as they too can be affected by the electric frequency.
The tip of the machine is then inserted at the center of the mole and held in place for a period of about three to five minutes. This may result to a burning sensation on the part being treated. This should not deter one for it is a normal experience as the device works on the infection.
The size of the wart may warrant one to use a different approach if it has grown in size. This may take some time for the electronic wart remover to clear and it is advisable to attack it from different sections. It will require more skill and is easier when somebody else assist in its removal.
The effect of this form of treatment may fail to be noticed immediately. Reason being the treated area will require some time like one month for a new layer of skin to grow. There are other times when these infections develop on more sensitive areas. These may include places like the genitals or head.
This will require a professional to handle them, as they are sensitive areas that can result to other complications if not properly treated. There are natural methods of treating warts like the use of garlic. This is tied on the affected area with a bandage over night as the person goes to bed. The substance is then discarded in the morning. This procedure is repeated for a period of one or two weeks until the wart falls off.
The problem with this method is that if not handled properly the infection can spread over a larger area. The laser treatment is also used as another alternative. This is also effective in removing the moles completely and can be used on the sensitive parts. It is however quite expensive and requires professional care.
The warts are not the best sights to watch when they infect us. This is why people will go to any level to get rid of them completely. The use of the electronic wart remover seems to have a positive effect towards their eradication.