Can you find Wartrol at Walgreens?

Some have wondered if Wartrol can be found at various big box pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Eckerd, Kroger, and Safeway. The one we get most asked about is Walgreens. If Wartrol is so popular, why wouldn’t it be carried in one of these big stores? Well, here’s the scoop. It may be available at one of these stores. We have not personally seen it. We have can you find wartrol at walgreensseen the old version of Wartrol (the homeopathic version which was available in 2011) in some small all-natural markets next to Publix. But we have not seen the new version of the product yet. Also, although we review Wartrol honestly on this website, we do not know of everyplace that it may be carried. We do know that the specials occasionally offered on the official website has not been found to be offered by a retail store. So, to our knowledge, the best value on the product is to purchase it from the manufacturer.

If someone here has found Wartrol in a store, please contact us. Maybe take a picture of where you found it! But we have not seen it in these ‘big box’ stores as they are called.

This said, we hope you’re not discouraged. Every time we have purchased it from the website, it has come quickly and without any embarrassing packaging. So that’s the good news. Also, there support has been good from our experience. But if you have found a different way of receiving the product, feel free to give it a try. We just urge to make sure that the product is factory sealed so that it proves that is hasn’t been tampered with.


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