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The lowdown of electronic wart removers

Their are some health conditions that although not life threatening cause discomfort and are not pleasing to live with. Warts are infections that occur on human body especially on the skin. They do not necessarily pose a danger to the victim but are unsightly and pesky. There are several methods that are used to treat […]

Homeopathic versus Salicylic

The Pros and Cons of Homeopathic Treatment and Salicylic Acid for Warts Some of you have sent me messages wondering if the salicylic acid treatment of Wartrol will still hold results that you have found through the former homeopathic version of this product. So we thought we would take some time to explain the benefits […]

Pictures of common warts

How pictures of common warts can educate you. When you talk about the Human Papilloma Virus, what quickly comes in mind is cervical cancer. However, there are other conditions that are associated with this virus such as warts. Genital warts are a common type of warts transmitted through sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, many people who are […]

How to Identify a Wart

Of all the many growths that skin is subject, to a wart is usually one of the more benign. Only rarely does a wart turn malignant. A wart is caused by the human papilloma virus, which enters the skin through a cut or wound. They are contagious. Do you know the techniques to identifying a […]

How to solve warts with lifestyles changes

We are going to take some time to talk with you about HPV and how it seems to be an epidemic. There are many problems happening today in the United States and other countries. Do you know all of the trends that are occurring in your local health area? I have often wondered how many […]