Genital Warts Treatment

Treatment options may depend on the appearance of the warts, the number of warts, and the areas where the warts are located. Warts however are not curable by antibiotics since the condition is not caused by bacteria.

Apart from using Wartrol which is an effective treatment for genital wats, there are numerous others. Genital warts treatment can be done by topical solution, surgery, laser treatment, freezing, and heat. The virus however may not be completely removed from the body, and as such, there is always a risk that warts may appear after treatment.

One of the genital warts treatment solutions is Podophyllotoxin cream which is applied on the warts. The cream is applied up to four weeks. There is also the Podophyllin solution which is administered by a nurse or doctor. After applying on the warts, the solution is washed off after four hours as it can irritate the surrounding areas.

There is also a caustic chemical called TCA which is also applied on the warts by a health care professional. Meanwhile, an immune response modifier helps in boosting the body’s immune system and making it able to fight off the virus that causes the genital warts.

Another treatment option is cyrotherapy wherein the warts are frozen with liquid nitrogen, killing the cells in the process. Cauterization is also an option for treating warts which is burned off through the use of a heated probe. Other treatment methods for genital warts removal include laser treatment and surgery which are both expensive options.

In some cases, warts may not go away quickly and thus a combination of treatment options is required to remove stubborn warts.

For effective treatment of genital wart, try Wartrol.

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treating genital warts with wartrol