How many times a day do I apply wart remover?

I have just gotten this question, and I understand the confusion. It is hard to know how long to keep on the medicine of Wartrol, how often to put it back on, and how to assist it in shedding off the skin.

Well, let’s look first at how Wartrol works…

This product will speed up the natural shedding of skin that takes place naturally. This will eventually speed along the removal of the wart and the virus that is trying to reproduce in your skin to keep the wart growing and going strong.

So that’s what you’re fighting against.

So, first things first. Soak your skin in water if you can. That will soften the skin up. Then, you can work on the wart with an emery board or nail file if you have the chance to. What will that do? That will help give Wartrol a head start. You can personally remove a lot of the skin on the top of the wart. This will let this wart remover product soak deeper in your skin then it would otherwise. That will give the treatment a great head start at going farther down into your skin, removing more of the skin cells that have the virus attached to it, and slow down the viruses reproduction rate that is keeping the wart on your skin in the first place.

It’s sort of like a race between the virus reproducing itself and what your skin naturally does, which is shed skin and make new, healthy skin. You want the new, healthy skin to win.

And it will eventually. But why should we wait? This tips will get you looking and feeling more fabulous in less time!

So again, let’s go over the steps.

Soak the wart in water. It’s even possible to keep duct tape on the wart itself overnight to really soften up the skin.

Then, the skin cells will want to come off themselves, even without Wartrol treatment. A rough cloth or emery board can speed that process along as well.

After that, then you can put Wartrol on the skin. And that should provide you with faster results then just putting Wartrol on the skin from the beginning.

But what if you have already done this? Is it too late?

It’s not too late. You can just apply these steps before your next treatment. Which leads us to answer how many times a day do you use a wart remover like Wartrol….

The answer is 2 to 3 times a day. Not more then that. Sometimes your skin may be too sensitive to accept more then two treatments a day. And that’s fine. It’s all about finding your comfort level and getting better as soon as possible.


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