How to use Wartrol

Hello! I thought I’d write up on how to use Wartrol and my personal results. For me, the results were quite gradual and I didn’t start feeling fantastic until after the second month. Here is some information on how it works and how I felt the benefits after using Wartrol.

First off, genital warts are an infection. Like all infections, there are treatments to slowly remove the symptoms. It is also best to treat this or any infection as quickly as possible for the healthiest outcome. Thankfully there are some effective treatments to clear this up.


How does Wartrol work?


Wartrol is not an instant relief from these warts. Wartrol is a homeopathic remedy and contains natural ingredients. These ingredients when properly introduced to the body will build your body’s immunity against the virus (HPV) that causes warts and it statistically gives great results for most people. But I have heard from some people that Wartrol doesn’t work for them. From what I’ve learned, this could be because there case is too severe, they’re not taking it properly, or perhaps it’s just not working for them because everyone’s different. But homeopathic remedies have been used for hundreds of years and are based on the ‘laws of similars’ meaning that even a very minuscule amount of the virus when introduced to the body triggers the body’s defenses to destroy it. This is the same principle as a vaccination and has been proven to be a highly effective strategy when going after a virus like HPV.

Methods of using Wartrol:

A homeopathic drug like Wartrol is sensitive to other substances and the effects can easily become less potent if taken the wrong way. There have been a lot of tests done by the manufacturer to make the contents of this product has been manufactured correctly so using Wartrol properly is important to maximize it’s healing effect.

In order to use Wartrol, here are some points to keep in mind.

* Make sure that the spray on the applicator is kept clean. Always put the cap back on the top and try not to touch the applicator.

* You should always use Wartrol on the site with small amounts.

* Do not mix Wartrol with any other substances.

* Do take the product as directed. Taking more then the recommended dosage is not advised.

I do again want to mention that everyone is different and results may vary. Keeping this in mind, here are the results that I experienced:

- In the beginning I have noticed the warts as raised bumps that could barely be noticed. But over time they’ve erupted to cauliflower like things on the body. At that time they were quite uncomfortable.

- After the first week of using Wartrol I’ve noticed the discomfort is start to go away, but they aren’t looking any better yet. Not giving up yet though.

- One month out, most of the redness and the discomfort is gone.

- Second month out, the warts that were in clumps are now quite a bit smaller. It is a fantastic thing really.

- Third month out, any skin mark is almost non-existent and I am feeling much better as a result of the treatment.

- In the end of fourth month: My genital warts are now completely gone with no recurring problems to speak of as of yet.

Please keep in mind this is only my personal timetable of results. Depending on how mild or severe your case is relief may take more or less time for you. But it’s consistently mentioned that early treatment is vitally important to having the best chance of a positive outcome when taking this or any other treatment against an infection like warts.

I’m curious for you to contact me to hear your results with Wartrol and hope you have a healthy and happy lifestyle!


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  1. joan

     /  September 22, 2011

    is it ok to spray Wartrol in your vagina?

    • Laura

       /  September 22, 2011

      I don’t think it will hurt you, but it shouldn’t help you either. The same is true for taking Wartrol more then the recommended dose. There isn’t an overdose warning, but they say that it is a waste of the product. Wartrol is to be taken by mouth and over the course of a few weeks you should begin to notice some positive results.


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