HPV connected to throat and mouth cancers now

As if having HPV connected to warts, genital warts and cervical cancer wasn’t enough. There is some new research from the Ohio State University that states that HPV is now connected to some oral cancers of the head and heck.

No one completely understands this yet. This is yet another reason why defenders of the HPV vaccine are asking for it.

Merck, the pharmaceutical company, stated that it has no interest in making this study against oral cancer and HPV themselves.

It used to be tobacco was the lone culprit behind throat and neck cancer.

The cancer society is stating that more information is needed in order to determine if this problem is really linked to HPV and to what degree. Of those who have a connection between throat cancer and HPV the subjects were typically young people who were caught early. This meant effective treatment was typical. The treatment can solve some problems but create others though. Some patients reported difficulty with speech and a hindered ability to swallow.

It’s hard to determine to what degree is our environment changing or our research is just getting better, but this is an issue that we’ll have to monitor closely.

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