Pictures of common warts

How pictures of common warts can educate you.

When you talk about the Human Papilloma Virus, what quickly comes in mind is cervical cancer. However, there are other

flat warts

an example of flat warts

conditions that are associated with this virus such as warts. Genital warts are a common type of warts transmitted through sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, many people who are infected with warts don’t realize this in time. This is because warts differ from person to another and therefore no two warts look alike. A study conducted in the American population revealed that more than 24 million individuals are infected with this condition, and in majority of them it occurs for a lifetime.
To increase awareness about this infection, there are many pictures currently available on the internet that can help for easy identification of this infection. Pictures of common warts are also available in many textbooks and are used by medical students to enlighten them about warts infection. It’s never quite easy to identify a warts infection that is still in its early stages. This is because in the early stages, HPV infections manifest as tiny rashes or ingrown hairs. With time, this develops fully into warts and start causing discomfort to the patient. At this point identification becomes much easier.
What earlier appeared like a tiny harmless pimple spreads and assumes the shape of Cauliflower that is characteristic of warts. Most pictures of warts that are available on the internet usually show this stage of infection. Apart from the cauliflower appearance, most pictures will show the warts appearing as irritable rashes that can either be flat or raised but red in color. In severe cases of warts infection, the pictures are never quite amusing to look at, even if you may have seen other pictures before. The warts at this stage have grown much larger with a bizarre kind of appearance and can easily be identified even without looking at pictures.
Warts can be categorized into three; plantar, flat and genital warts. The plantar wartsare the most common and appear on the foot

plantar warts look like this

Plantar warts usually appear on the feet

after one walks over something that passes on the infection, especially for people who walk bare foot or share bathrooms with infected individuals. Flat warts on the other hand usually infect the facial area. As the name suggests, this type are normally flat and that’s why some people consider them beautiful due their unique nature. Genital warts infect the genital region and are mostly passed on when one engages in unprotected sex with an infected individual.
The treatment options for warts include vaccines, especially for those that are not visible that are caused by HPV strains which cause cervical cancer. When the warts are in their late stage of development, the doctors will carry out a minor surgery in order to eliminate the HPV infection. Various drugs such as podophyllin toxin and trichloacetic acid can also be used to clear the infection. Currently, other methods such as laser therapy and cryotherapy are being used to get rid of the infection. Removal of these warts is painful and will always leave behind some form of scars at the affected region.

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