Prevent and Treat Flat Warts on Legs

If you are like many younger people, you may have these strange and a bit embarrassing warts on your fact and legs. And you may have shaved them and you may have not. If you have, we urge you to not do it again. Here we will explain why.

The common impulse when seeing a small skin colored wart on the legs or face (which is most likely a flat wart as shown in the picture) while shaving is to shave it off. This is understandable since when you see this growth you are probably wanting it off of your skin now if not sooner. But this is exactly what happens. After you cut the wart, the razor will spread the virus down the skin and then the warts will spread. So the one or two becomes ten or twelve rather quickly. Isolating warts is key during the treatment phase. If you spread the virus, the problem will only get bigger.

Now flat warts are commonly found on the face and legs. Who is commonly the ones to get these? The two types of people most common are either auto immune compromised for some reason (due to other treatments, illness, or general health condition) or in younger people who’s immune response if not as far developed as it could be. Treatments are of course varied. We review Wartrol here, which is found effective against these types of warts. There are also other popular treatments such as having them frozen from a dermatologist. But isolating the warts during treatment is very key, since this is a type of wart that is often spread across the skin and, most often, needlessly spread around.

Should people having these warts be embarrassed? It’s important to note that this problem is more common then most who get them realize. Also, trying a ‘quick fix’ like attempting to cut off the wart yourself is probably both the most common amateur action taken by people and the most harmful action that can be done since this type of behavior promotes the warts to spread. This causes the problem to multiply far beyond how it would have ordinarily developed naturally.

So please, if you have a wart, treat it individually and do not attempt to cut it or to remove it without proper treatments in place and properly used as directed.

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