Preventive measures and treatments for viral warts

So what does cause these skin warts? For starters, what these are include a viral infection that has penetrated through the skin. They can also be due to infection of mucous membranes. The virus, which causes the formation of warts is called papilloma virus, but it is the common name for this group of viruses, in fact there are more than sixty of these pathogens. Prevention and treatment of viral warts should be carried out comprehensively and rely on well-known rules of personal hygiene of a person.

Viral warts can occur in people of any age, but most often occur in adolescents. Sometimes they are called – “youthful warts.” Warts can form nodules on the body of the unit, and sometimes – a few tens of warts, merge to form large affected area.

Most often warts disappear after some time, for two years, as suddenly as they appeared. There is a so-called self-healing. But there are cases where the viral warts stay for a long time, they cause other problems on the skin, sore and bleed.

Papilloma virus, once penetrated into the body, lives in the nerve fiber is accompanied by human rights and almost all my life. There are times when the warts disappeared from the skin after a while, as a result of stress or nervous shock appears in person again.

Papilloma virus getting into the neural pathways of man may live long in the body and not to bring harm. Then, as a result of stress or changing the internal environment of an organism activates a virus – there are warts on the skin. Adolescence is the age at which most often occur warts, known for its stress, alteration of many body systems and changes in hormonal levels. These changes lead to the fact that children – young people are most often caused warts.
Papilloma virus can be transmitted from patient to another person through objects or shaking hands. By risk group of people who have warts may appear are people with excessive sweating, or people whose work is connected with the formation of micro traumas to the skin: agricultural workers, laundresses, cleaners, etc.

In addition, plantar warts occur most often in people who wear closed shoes made of rubber or synthetic leather, because heat and moisture – the ideal environment for this viral infection.

Analyzing the above, we can identify the main points of the prevention of viral warts.

Preventive measures against viral warts.

1) Strict compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. After visiting public places to wash hands with soap and water.

2) In case of skin wounds and cuts to handle them with iodine or green paint.

3) When working with cleaning agents to the skin damaging factors to use gloves.

4) Wear shoes made of leather or cloth, to avoid wearing synthetic shoes, especially for children and adolescents.

5) Normalize the food, eat food rich in vitamins. Avoid stress, organize your life.

6) In case of contact with someone who already has warts, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene – wash hands frequently with soap and water, to limit the use of common objects.

Treatment of viral warts.

In most cases, after a couple of years after the infection of human warts disappear on there own. But in some cases, self-healing does not occur, and need medical help to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

If the viral warts are located in places where they are constantly exposed to mechanical abrasion, irritated, sore and bleed (on the feet, the folds of the fingers, around nails), shows how to remove warts with cry therapy – freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen chamber, or dry ice. Chemotherapy involves the burning of warts applying special chemicals. Laser therapy is used for burning the warts with a laser beam.

The required method of treatment is always defines a dermatologist, depending on the location of the warts and the general condition of the body. Sometimes, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive drug treatment to prevent infection of the skin, eczema, improve immunity.

In no case should you consider to apply such home treatments for viral warts such as lubrication vinegar or burning knot with match heads – these tools can cause severe burns and damage to healthy skin with the formation of ugly scars on her in the future.

After consulting with a dermatologist for the treatment prescribed by your doctor, you can use traditional medicine to remove warts and itching around the reduction in nodule.

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