Real ways to stop warts with kids

Some people have been hand over foot over what to do over your children’s warts. Let’s try to do more then skin the surface when it comes to this topic. Warts are caused by certain strains by HPV. This does not mean the sexually transmitted kind. These are strains when kids are in close contact with each other. Sharing a towel could pass it. And it could also be shared by being to close to a child when one has an open wound and the other kid has a wart. There is good news, however. Is that warts are not dangerous. These tend to go away over a period of days, months, and sometimes even years. But if you’d like to do something about these growths to get results even sooner, of course there are several options.


You might try a solution that you can paint onto the wart like Wartrol. It contains a mild dilution of acid that slowly but surely removes the dead cells on the top of the warts and allows it to be removed over time. Another treatment that’s a little controversial, but perfectly safe, is duct tape. Yes, the standard kind of duct tapes.  What you can do is to wrap it up completely for 24 hours a day for 6 days a week. You open it up on the 7th day of the week and do this for about six weeks. There are studies that suggest that this causes a mild inflammatory reaction and brings cells into the wart that will destroy it to make it disappear.


Now if this doesn’t work, you may want to look still into other options. Talk to your child’s doctor. They might try some various prescription medications. They may also want to try to freeze the wart. And in rare circumstances, they might want to try out the laser therapy.


While we can’t every completely remove the risk of getting a wart, they should be protected well with lots of soap and water. This is especially true when they encounter a scrape or cut. Also, they should have protective footwear when they are in locker rooms or public showers. This will help create a barrier and prevent warts from getting on there foot.


We hope that these tips will be re-warting (or maybe rewarding) when it comes to tips on protecting your kids. And remember; always put your kids first!

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