Skin Tags Removal

Skin tag which is clinically known as acrochordon is a protrusion of the skin that can occur in any part of the body. The skin tag usually comprises of vascular tissue, fat and skin. They are unpleasant but not hazardous. These protrusions are skin colored and typically grow in places where the skin pleats like the neck, eyes and arm pits. They are usually short and are connected to the epidermis by a stalk. They do not grow beyond half an inch.

The Difference between Skin Tags and Warts

Normally, people above the middle age develop skin tags. It is a part of the aging process. It is more common among people who are obese and diabetic. A wart on the other hand is more common among children and adolescents. It normally appears in and around the hands and the finger nails. Poor immunity levels attract warts. Skin tags do not spread to other parts of the body or do not spread to other people and they are not contagious. But warts are a type of virus (HPV) which is very contagious. Skin tags never go once you get it, unless you remove it with the help of a cosmetic surgery whereas warts vanish on their own some of the time. The warts disappear fast for kids, but for adults it takes a slightly longer time to disappear. But, warts definitely can disappear unlike skin tags.

Skin tags removal

Skin tags are harmless and to remove them is not a medical necessity. But skin tags removal is economical and less risky. It is recommended to remove them surgically but those who are apprehensive about surgery can follow these simple steps to get it removed at home. A string needs to be tied around the tag, after which it has to be cut using a scissor that is sterilized. This is the simplest process but might result in lot of bleeding. In case, the stalk is not cut properly the tag will appear again. There are chances that this process might leave some scars.

Another method is to apply nail polish on the skin tag. All you need to do is apply the nail polish on the tag two times a day till it dries completely and disappears. The next option is to use vinegar on the skin tag. Cotton balls that are soaked in vinegar are placed right on the skin tag. This has to be done thrice a day for almost three weeks. But this option is not recommended for the skin tags that are near the eye. The other way is to stop blood supply to the tag by tying a string around the tag. In sometime the tag will dry and drop.

Will Wartrol work on Skin Tags

This depends on the skin tag. Some times skin tags appears close to the eyes. We can not stress enough to never ever use Wartrol anywhere near your eyes. However, in some other areas, this salicylic acid solution may be effective is used properly. Work by a dermatologist is generally more accepted and should be consulted first.

Though the above methods are simple, it is better to get it removed by a dermatologist who is more experienced. Herbal methods have been developed to remove skin tags. Skin tags can also be removed surgically. Make an informed decision before you opt for surgery. Consult your physician or visit online sources to know more.

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