Symptoms of Genital Warts

What are the genital warts symptoms?

If you think that you might have genital warts but are not sure what the symptoms are, this article might help.

Some people have been curious on what to look for, especially in the early stages of genital warts. I know that this can be tricky and frustrating. But I will help you understand the differences between warts caused by HPV and other types of blemishes on your body.

Of course you may already have the HPV strain that causes genital warts without symptoms. But the first symptom that would be noticed is hard and small sized spots that can usually be seen by the naked eye will appear. This will usually occur between 3 weeks and 3 months from exposure to genital warts

What do genital warts look like?

First off, genital warts are flat bumps that are sort of raised on your skin. The maybe begin to show after a few weeks or months after the sexual contact that caused them. They are sometimes flesh colored so they blend and can’t really be noticed. Other times they can be grey in color. Genital Warts usually appear in groups and typically do not appear as just one.

On women they typically show up in and around the vagina and inner thighs. And in men,  they usually appear around the penis, scrotum, groin and inner thighs as well.

Some warts are so small they need a pap smear or colposcopic exam performed in order to see them.

They should not be confused with pimples or the blemishes caused from herpes.

genital warts

genital warts early stages

genital warts

genital warts laster stages








Herepes in early stage


Herpes in later stages








common pimp

An image of common pimples








What to genital warts feel like?

They can often itch or cause discomfort. They can sometimes bleed after intercourse as well, which makes them highly contagious during an outbreak. They can often hurt when you press on them too.

Sometimes genital warts can be so small and flat that you can’t really even see them. But they tend to multiply in the same area. In time they can take on a cauliflower type of shape to them.

I think I may have genital warts. What should I do?

The only way to be 100% certain if you have genital warts is to see a dermatologist of gynecologist. But I hope that this information has made you more confident to determine what you most likely have right now if anything.

I recommend Wartrol simply because it worked for me.  It took me two to three months to start to really clear up my warts but that can chance depending on body conditions, health conditions and how far along the HPV infection has progressed.

But I hope that this post has helped you identify the symptoms on not get them confused with other similar and common skin conditions.

If you have any feedback for me, please contact me. Thanks for reading my post on the symptoms of genital warts.