Three Popular Methods To get Rid OF Warts On Feet

Warts are a type of skin disease that can affect anyone and is very disturbing appearance. The disease is caused by a virus known as human papilloma virus (HPV). Warts are easily attacked someone on the condition of immune system is weak. Warts can grow and spread in the various parts of the body including the feet. There are many ways to get rid of warts on feet. The popular way to remove warts using topical medications, surgery and use of natural ingredients. The warts that not too severe can be treated using natural ingredients. If your wart disease is severe, you need serious treatment such as surgery and other therapies.

Using Topical Medications

Topical medications can be used to overcome the small and simple warts. How to get rid of warts on feet that most often performed is using a topical medication that contains salicylic acid. The drug can be found at many drug stores. The treatment of warts with topical medication takes about one month depending on the size of the wart and its severity. Topical medications can be used about three or four times a day after the warts cleansed. With clean warts, salicylic acid content in topical medication will penetrate into the wart tissue and damage it until death. The use of the warts medications can also give rise pain, but you do not to worry because this is natural.

Using Natural Ingredients
There are a lot of natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of on feet. One of the natural ingredients that you can use is vinegar. Vinegar can be found in many supermarket or chemist store. Vinegar is one type of acid that can soften the skin tissue. You can put vinegar on the warts. Do this three up to four times a day. Vinegar can cause skin irritation and skin feels sore. The vinegar will soak the wart and it will slowly destroy the wart tissue, up to its roots. The use of vinegar on a regular basis can kill the warts cell. You can stop the use of vinegar after the wart tissue has died.


If you cannot lose warts with topical medications, you should go to the doctor. Severe warts are usually removed by surgery. Currently there are various types of surgery that can do such as laser surgery, electro surgery, and cryosurgery.

Laser surgery usually performed for severe warts and easily spread to other parts of the skin. Energy contained in the laser will kill warts cells until its roots. Laser surgery usually require several treatments.

Electro surgery done with a needle, which contain electrical charged on the wart tissue. Warts tissue, which exposed to an electric charge, will be damaged and dry.

Cryosurgery is a very popular in the get rid of warts on feet. Using liquid nitrogen performed surgery. Surgery is performed with a low invasive and involves a local anesthetic. Warts are exposed to liquid nitrogen will freeze and dies. Surgery is also less painful and lower cost than laser.

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