Wartrol Wart Remover

A lot of people may be confused when going to the official Wartrol website. The confusion comes from the fact that Wartrol changed its product! This is good and bad news in several ways. Of course for those people used to the old Wartrol product like me, this is an adjustment. But I called up the customer service folks to figure out what happened to my Wartrol and have learned that in many ways the new version of Wartrol is for the most part an improvement.

Here’s what changed.

  • They’ve changed there product which now includes clinical trials to make there claims.
  • Wartrol is now approved by the FDA.
  • It is no longer a homeopathic solutions taken by the mouth.
  • This product is used on the wart itself to get rid of and clear the wart with repeat applications.

The new product has more clinical trials. I have tried this new wart remover with success. For those of use who don’t like waiting for the wart to be gone, you should be satisfied with the new Wartrol.

The way this works is the wart remover is applied directly to the wart and left on there for up to twenty minutes. It is important for the wart to keep the medication on the wart and to not remove the wart. In doing that, it will have the best chance to absorb the medicine and break down the strange raised skin that was caused by the human papillomavirus. Also, it is warned to not cover up the skin while the medicine is working on the wart. Air circulation is important to the treatment phase.

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