HPV Lies

4 HPV Lies you need to know


What are the top 4 HPV Lies?

There are a lot of mistruths about HPV and genital warts these days. Boys and girls need to be informed so they can tackle the world ready to take on these and other tough challenges that face them. Here are four things that you should absolutely know in order to protect yourself and your health.

HPV Lie # 1

Girls that avoid sex will be safe against HPV

Realistically this just isn’t true. Adult women from young and old may become infected with HPV even if they don’t have sex. The unfortunate truth is that the type of HPV that causes genital warts is quite contagious and even some foreplay around the genitals can cause infection.

HPV Lie #2

Men know if they have HPV.

Actually, men don’t. That is why programs like South Carolina’s Medicaid program is actually paying for young men between 13 and 26 to get their Gardisil shot. Lots of men both young and old carry the HPV virus including the one that causes genital warts for many years and may even be quite active in there system, but they may not have experienced any noticeable symptoms.

(An interesting fact of this program, boys were more likely to accept the shot if mentioning it will help prevent getting cancer and not just genital warts, which is true, but not as likely.)

The fact is when exposed to the HPV virus that causes symptoms like genital warts are far more likely for show in women then they are for men.  So it is important to men to get immunized with Gardisil and to get checked often.

HPV Lie #3

Lesbians can’t give HPV to each other.

It is true that it lowers the risk but lesbians can still give each other HPV. It is always true that when there is an outbreak of genital warts, contracting HPV is always much more likely but it can happen at any time.

HPV Lie # 4

HPV will go away on its own.

HPV has been known to go away on its own just as the common cold usually does. But HPV is more serious then the common cold and is more likely to take over if you body’s natural immune system is not able to adequately defend itself.  All kinds of terrible symptoms can develop from warts, abnormal pap smears, and cancer as well.