When Wartrol Doesn’t Work

While they may focus on children and young adults, just about anyone is a possible candidate for warts. The skin defect is caused by HPV- the Human

Genital Warts Wartrol Treatment

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Papilloma Virus, which resides in your DNA. While there’s no getting rid of the virus for good, there are ways to rid you of the unsightly growths that it causes. The first question to ask, though, is what exactly warts are. The answer is surprisingly simple. Warts are an outgrowth of infected, but otherwise normal skin on the top layer of your skin. The wart may be harder than the rest of your skin, but does not contain anything dangerous but the virus.

What is probably the most popular method is treating the wart with salicylic acid. This is a cheap chemical that can be purchased over the counter at nearly any pharmacy and is strong enough to soften the skin that the wart is made of. Simply apply something like petroleum jelly around the surrounding skin, apply the acid, and rub away the softened excess skin after letting the acid set. The best time to do this is before you sleep, so that the acid has more time to set while your immune system is at its strongest. After a few rounds of that, you shouldn’t have any more problems with that particular wart. You can even apply it in a less severe form for longer as a patch.

Unfortunately, warts aren’t always as simple as that. If you have particularly aggressive or difficult to reach warts- such as warts in small, concentrated groups or warts located under nails or around your genitals, Wartrol probably wouldn’t be the best choice. In these cases, it’s usually a good idea to see your doctor about getting the wart, or warts, removed.

Once a doctor takes a look at your wart, the method for removal can vary. One possibility is that the doctor will give you a prescription ointment or cream that should remove the wart. If the doctor decides that the wart is too severe for passive treatment, they may apply a stronger chemical to the wart themselves. Sometimes, cryotherapy- killing the wart with liquid nitrogen- can be used. In rare cases, the doctor may even simply surgically cut away the wart.

Of course, if you’d like to avoid having to go through such severe treatments, remember that early treatment is the key. Catching and removing a wart quickly can keep your problems far more subdued than if you’d decided to leave it be.

However, you can’t cure warts by just removing them. There are many factors that attribute towards how likely you are to get a wart, and they’re all focused on one thing- how good is your body at fighting the HPV? If you have issues with warts, less stress, more exercise, and a healthier diet may be good goals to strive for. If you would like to prevent warts and other diseases, you might also want to strive for those things as well.

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